High Conflict Divorce and Family Reunification Services in Pasadena, CA

In society today, family structures are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic. As a result, families often face many challenges. These concepts challenge the idea of a traditional, nuclear family unit. Which, unfortunately, leads to more families experiencing high-conflict situations that affect family relationships and functioning.

This is why mental health is essential for maintaining strong and healthy families. It is particularly important for families that are struggling. It can help to support their overall functioning and success. This begins with our ability to weave a coherent narrative through the defining moments of our lives.

Miniature wooden family sitting on a courtroom bench representing a family dealing with a traumatic situation. High-Conflict Divorce and Family Reunification Services in Pasadena, CA can help navigate these difficult situations.

Working with the Family Unit with an Understanding of Trauma

When working with families, it is crucial to understand what each of us brings to the table. We all need to understand how belief systems are born from our past experiences and how this can impact our interactions with others. Each person in the family unit has a unique perspective and experience that shapes their individual needs. As a result, their needs must be taken into consideration when working with families.

Trauma Impacts the Entire Family

To effectively work with families, it is crucial to understand the impact of trauma on children and families. When an individual experiences a traumatic event, it affects not only that individual but also the entire family. Especially, if that individual is a child. This is why working with families and understanding trauma is essential. It allows us to provide the necessary support to families and children who have experienced it.

Miniature wooden court room representing the trauma of divorce and separation of the family unit that can be mitigated by High Conflict Divorce and Family Reunification Services in Pasadena, CA.

High Conflict Divorce

High-conflict divorce can have a negative impact on children who are caught in the middle of their parents’ conflicts. As a therapist who advocates for the children in this process, I work to help them understand and process what is going on. I support the child in expressing their feelings along with making sure their feelings, wants, needs, and opinions are heard. In this way, the child feels seen and valued throughout the process.

Support and Guidance for Parents in Conflict

I also provide support and guidance to the parents as they navigate their divorce and its impact on their children. This way the parents can make decisions that are in the best interest of their children and minimize the negative impact of divorce on their children.

Family Reunification Services

There are effects of having extended parental absence which can impact a child’s development, capacity for healthy attachment, and overall family dynamics. The younger the child is at the time of separation, the more devastating the consequences can be for them. This is why family reunification services are so important. Family reunification services work with children and their parents to help them process feelings and issues that stem from separation, and to help restore the bond between parent and child.

Working Within the Court System

As a therapist, working within the court system is to ensure that the interests of the children affected by divorce, conflict, violence, abuse, and neglect are not the priority. I have decades of experience in working collaboratively with the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS), as well as being consistently successful in supporting children and families through difficult cases and family reunification efforts. In addition, I also have a comprehensive understanding of the family court system and its complex processes along with experience in testifying and presenting in high-profile cases.

Wooden miniature judge and child testifying in a courtroom setting representing the trauma that can be imparted on children during high conflict divorce and family separation. Our High Conflict Divorce and Family Reunification Services in Pasadena, CA help protect the well-being of children in these situations.

I Am an Expert in Trauma Treatment

Bren M. Chasse, LMFT of Anchor Psychotherapy, Inc. is a therapist in Pasadena with years of experience working closely with children and families to help them overcome their challenges and thrive. I am an expert in treating psychological trauma and have a deep understanding of the impact that trauma can have on children and families.

I work with the families to help them process their feelings, make meaning of their experiences, and restore connections between members. Through my work with families, I strive to support the family unit as a whole and to help each individual member heal and grow.

Bren Chasse, specializng in Trauma Therapy for families, children and LGBTQIA+ individuals in Pasadena, CA.

Let me begin by saying the art of effective co-parenting is not an easy topic, nor is it by any means an easy task! The feelings following separation or divorce are often still very raw—and may be exacerbated if the end of the relationship was characterized by a high level of conflict. Working cooperatively with someone you no longer hold in the highest regard can be very difficult—but your children are counting on you to put your own feelings aside to attend to their needs.”  

Read more about my perspective on The Art of Effective Co-Parenting here.

My Role as a Therapist Working With Families in Conflict

My primary goal when working with families in conflict is to help restore the bond between parent and child. I do this by supporting the reintroduction of a parent into a child’s life in a safe and clinically appropriate manner. I believe that the process of family reunification can be stressful for all parties involved.

Success Requires Commitment

However, it can only be effective if everyone is fully committed to the process. This is why my goal as a therapist is to provide adequate support and guidance for all family members so that they can engage fully in the services offered. However, my most important role as an effective child and family therapist is to advocate for the best interests of children. I am passionate about this role. Child advocacy can occur in either a legal or educational setting, and I have extensive experience working in both.

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