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Experts in all fields spend considerable time practicing their craft—and this practice must occur outside of performance time.  A common and, often defining, characteristic of the very best in their chosen profession is an individual’s willingness to vulnerably seek guidance and support from those whose skill set may exceed their own.  This is the very thing that pushes all of us to become better—regardless of our chosen craft. Psychotherapists are no different. Case consultation is a necessary and important part of our work as responsible clinicians.

The very nature of our work can feel isolating, stressful, and at times can leave us questioning our efficacy.  Peer consultation provides a safe, supportive place, to talk about complex cases, problem-solve challenges, and benefit from the knowledge, different perspectives, and new ideas that a fresh set of eyes can bring to a case.  Peer consultation is an incredible resource within which I recommend all psychotherapists engage. Consultation can be scheduled on a one-time basis, recurring basis, or an as-needed basis. If you are interested in scheduling individual consultation or would like more information, please contact me directly. 


EMDRIA requires the completion of 10 hours of consultation with an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant. Typically, this includes the completion of five hours of consultation between the Part 1 and Part 2 trainings, with the remaining five hours being completed following Part 2. Completion of the 10 hours of consultation is required by EMDRIA before one is awarded a Certificate of Completion for Basic Training in EMDR. Consultation hours may be completed in individual or a group setting.


EMDRIA requires the completion of 20 additional hours of consultation in order to be eligible for EMDR-certification status.  A minimum of 10 of these hours must be completed via individual consultation. The remaining 10 hours may be completed through individual consultation or in a group setting.  In order to be eligible for consultation toward EMDR-certification, you must have completed EMDR Basic Training parts 1 and 2, and the 10 Basic Training consultation hours. A copy of your Certification of Completion will be required prior to the commencement of individual or group consultation.

Group consultation is reserved exclusively for those working toward EMDR-certification.  These are closed groups, available through video conferencing, and are offered as a series of six monthly consultations, each of which is 1.5 hours in length.  Groups will consist of no more than six participants. The nature of group consultation depends on the consistent participation of all members. Thus, group consultation requires pre-payment, in full, in the amount of $600 for the series.


EMDRIA requires Consultants-In-Training (CIT) complete 20 hours of Consultation-on-Consultation with an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant. If you are a CIT seeking consultation, please contact me directly to discuss your individual consultation needs.


A minimum of 48 hours (2 days) notice is required for re-scheduling or canceling a consultation appointment. Unless a different agreement is reached, the full fee will be charged for a consultation session missed without such notification. Repeated rescheduling may result in being unable to reserve your consultation time in my schedule or may result in termination of our consultation relationship.


Consultees are responsible for logging and tracking their own consultation hours. Once your hours are complete, I will sign off on your hours, as required by EMDRIA. For your convenience, you may download a template for logging your consultation hours.

*It is important to note that consultation is not supervision.  As a consultant, I do not hold or assume liability for how you practice, nor the clinical decisions you make.  Consultation does not substitute for foundational psychotherapy skills. Specifically, you are responsible for the therapeutic relationship with your clients and competency in the modalities you offer.