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Life can be really tough.  As therapists, people reach out to us seeking help, support, guidance, and insight.  The process of learning about yourself can be a beautiful and rewarding experience—a journey, along which, I am honored to walk with my clients each day.

Our therapists work collaboratively with clients to address a variety of treatment needs. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed, struggling with difficult emotions or challenging relationships, or have experienced trauma, therapy offers you the opportunity to have a dedicated and safe space that is reserved just for you.

  • Achieve greater life balance
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Develop effective coping strategies
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and feelings of worthlessness
  • Resolve grief and loss
  • Improve relationships
  • Experience a genuine and authentic connection with another
  • Reclaim your sense of personal power


Someone who has been through a traumatic event or situation can become caught up in a vicious cycle of remembering and feeling the pain long after the event is over.  It can be difficult for the individual to move forward. EMDR has a direct effect on the way the brain processes information. As a result of successful EMDR work, normal information processing is resumed and the person no longer relives the images, sounds and feelings when the event is brought to mind.  The person will still remember what happened, but the emotional charge associated with the memory is significantly lessened.


The doctors tell us our weight is too high. The media tells us we are inferior. Our friends and family may shame us when we eat, and strangers will often point and stare. In such a hypercritical world, these powerful experiences can make it difficult for those of us that struggle with our food to get the type of support we really need in order to make meaningful and lasting changes in our lives—or to even feel safe reaching out for support. As a result, we learn to associate food with feelings of fear, shame, isolation, and despair, as obesity is one of the most highly stigmatized conditions individuals currently experience.


Making a decision regarding bariatric surgery may be one of the most difficult decisions you ever make regarding your body and your health. Bariatric surgery is a lifetime commitment and a decision that should not be taken lightly. If you are considering bariatric surgery, it’s important to understand your relationship with your own body, mind, heart and spirit. Together we can explore your relationship with yourself, as well as your relationship with food. Having a concrete understanding of yourself and your personal needs will give you the resources to set achievable goals and proactively pursue the best version of yourself.


We live in a time that challenges the idea of the traditional family.  Today, family structures are both dynamic and complex—and with a complex design, often come complex challenges. I believe good mental health is essential to the success of any family composition, and mental wellness begins with our ability to weave a thread through the defining moments we experience in our lives in order to create a coherent narrative.

Effectively working with families requires an appreciation and understanding for the fact that each of us bring with us to every interaction all our past experiences and the fundamental belief system that is born from those experiences. In other words, the family unit is both a functioning system and an assembly of individuals that have unique needs, goals, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and pasts, all of which play a role in how we communicate, interact, and connect with each other.


Bren M. Chasse is an expert in both the experience of psychological trauma, as well as children (with specialized training in working with the 0-5 population).  Unlike many psychotherapists, who prefer to avoid entering the courtroom altogether, Bren thrive in this area. With both a clinical and research background, one of her strengths is the ability to break down complex clinical concepts into simple, yet compelling language, which non-clinicians, can easily understand.


Group therapy offers a powerful dynamic that can be helpful to participants alone or as an adjunct to individual therapy. One of the most important benefits of group therapy is that it allows participants to experience that they are not alone, and that others experience similar challenges and life struggles.


Peer consultation provides a safe, supportive place, to talk about complex cases, problem-solving challenges, and benefit from the knowledge, different perspectives, and new ideas that a fresh set of eyes can bring to a case. EMDR Consultation is available for those in the process of completing their Basic Training, those working toward EMDR certification, and those seeking status as an EMDRIA- Approved Consultant (Consultants-in-Training).